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Business Activities:
• Finance
• Controlling
• Direction
• Business Partner

• Logistics, Supply and Contracts
• Project evaluation and control
• Accounting
• General management

Industrial Sectors:
• Mining
• Construction
• Manufacturing industry
• Financial services

• Investment projects
• Retail
• Restoration
• Services

Expert advisers in business management, direction, finance and strategy.


"When you must come up with an estimate,
and you are unsure what to say,
you take whatever number is before you."

Robert J. Shiller

steering bird

"When people believe a conclusion is true,
they are also very likely to believe arguments that appear to support it,
even when these arguments are unsound"

Daniel Kahneman

Do you need advice to improve any aspect of your business?
Can’t find a way to implement your business strategy?
Are you looking for special advice?


"The answers are all out there,
we just need to ask
the right questions"

Oscar Wilde

• Business Plan
• Budget
• Forecast
• Financial Controlling
• Investment Projects
• Managerial Procedures
• Strategic Planing
• Reporting System
• And more…

steering bird

Steering Bird

Do you have a specific question about something related to your business? Are you looking for a personalized advice?

We are Steering Bird, we are a team of people with different backgrounds. We have skills, knowledge and experience in managing companies in various industrial sectors and business areas.

We have come together to share our know-how and to offer our advisory and consulting services. Our broad vision of the business world allows us to deliver a service tailored to your needs.

Steering Bird

Can’t find a way to implement your business strategy?

We are your advisers in business management, direction, finance, controlling, strategy, project finance, business analysis and results analysis.

Our team has extensive experience in various industrial sectors and in different business activities. We have worked with both large multinationals and small entrepreneurs and freelancers, working with multicultural teams and with people located in different countries and time zones. We have advised businesses with different organizational cultures, managing existing differences in human relations, systems and reports.

We have been working online since our kick-off.


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