Remote Work

Remote Work: For us, remote work is not something new. It is part of the DNA of our way of working with our clients and collaborators. From this point of view, we want to give you some [...]

Skill vs. Luck (part 3)

Skill vs. Luck. It is relatively easy to understand and even accept the role of luck if it presented in sports. However, when we talk about investments and business, we tend to further ignore the [...]

Skill vs. Luck (part 2)

Skill vs. Luck. It is in the field of sports that we find the cases that most help us understand the role of skill and luck. At the extreme end of the skill are chess and running races, such as [...]

Skill vs. Luck (part 1)

Skill vs. Luck. When we are successful, we tend to attribute it to our skills and when something goes wrong, we tend to say it is bad luck. Also, it is easier to admit that there was some good [...]

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