We offer our services of expert advice, consulting and intervention in the administration and strategic management of your business, so that you can improve processes and make your activities more profitable. We focus on the review of business plans, strategies and management processes. We work in Spanish and English, through Skype. We assure you a personalized service with the utmost confidentiality, seriousness and independence.

Our services available are the following.

  1. Specific Question. Do you have a specific question about any aspect related to your business? We can help you. Service aimed primarily at entrepreneurs or start-up who do not wish, or are not yet in conditions, to hire a long-term service.
  2. Business advice. We can also help you with some broader aspect of your business, such as creating, reviewing or controlling such relevant issues as, for example: business plans, investment projects, administrative procedures, budgets, strategic planning, reporting system, etc.
  3. Project Evaluation Advice. First of all, we advise you on the construction of your financial project plan, that is, we take the data you have to do your venture, we model them and we give you a project flow, calculating the indicators that determine the financial viability of your project.
  4. Project Control Advice. On the other hand, we can help you review the implementation of your project, from the point of view of cost control. So that you can identify if your real expense is behaving according with your budget. We help you identify deviations and improve your cost management.
  5. Result Analysis. Do you need help analyzing your result at the end of the month? It’s not enough to have the sales and cost, you have to know their meaning, you should go further. We can help you review and analyze your results so you can then make decisions about your business.
  6. Business Partnering. We offer you the Business Partner services, as a strategic partner in the development of your business. Our role as Business Partner role is to help you align your strategy within your organization. We can accompany you for previously defined periods of time, focusing on the overall management of your company.
  7. Steering Committee. Do you need an independent and neutral point of view in your key business meetings? We can help you. We can attend your meeting of control, project, result analysis, etc. and participate by giving you our critical opinion on the issues to be discussed, detecting good practices and opportunities for improvement, and giving you recommendations to maximize your results.
  8. Personalized advice. If you do not accommodate to any of the above proposals, we offer our personalized services, adjusting our know-how to your needs.

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